Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bank Of America SJ Downtown Personal Bankers

Hi friends,

I am writing about Bank Of America's Personal Bankers after experiencing one complete year of world class customer service. When I came to San Jose in August 2010, I was dying to get a Credit Card (of course not a secured credit card). I went to BOFA's SJ Downtown branch and my Personal Banker was Miguel Padilla, who got me approved for Student Platinum Credit Card with $1000 credit line with in no time. I am very curious about Banking and specially the Credit Card and nuts and bolts of Credit Card behind the scenes. He helped me enhancing my knowledge about CC working in US. After using the Credit Card for around 6 months, Miguel helped me getting my Credit Limit raised to $2500 by calling the appropriate division at BOFA. In Spring 2011, Miguel left SJ Downtown branch due to transfer and Alexander Navy became my new Personal Banker. He answered a whole bunch of my stupid queries about Online Banking, Credit Card limits, Credit Scores and how to build excellent good credit in United States. Recently I was confused about which card to choose for my current needs, he presented a variety of Credit Cards and few of them matched criteria satisfying my terms. Every time I called him, either he answered my questions on phone or replied my voice mails if he was busy. I would say, the Personal Bankers at SJ Downtown branch are very helpful, responsible and concerned about their customers. I would give an A+ to my personal Banker Alexander Navy and Miguel Padilla for their overall help, advises and concern for their customers. Interestingly, few of us know that the transfer limit for online banking is $2500 for incoming transfers in checking account, checkbooks can be printed from CostCo or Walmart, there is a charge associated with your deposit made using BOFA's teller, you can do more than 3 transfers in your Savings account while maintaining a minimum amount in account and so on. I would recommend him to be chosen as your Personal Banker but solely on your own responsibility. Bottom line is to choose the right path to manage your finances and balance assets and liabilities.

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